Exscrub Me?! Beautisol Facial Exfoliator Review

The first thing you notice about Exscrub Me?  is the creamy emollient base and the bright red exfoliation balls. I squeeze a small grape sized amount onto my fingertips and then use my right and left hands to spread and warm the scrub before I apply it to my face.

This is a very gritty scrub. I love it! It's very hard to find manual exfoliators with this much exfoliation material within the product. I find the base is more like a mousse than a heavy cream, as say, 7 Day Scrub cream Clinique. Exscrub Me? rinses away cleanly base-wise but I have to rely on the suds of a small amount of a facial cleanser followup to make sure all the exfoliation beads have washed off of my skin. Yes, I am aware that New York is trying to ban products with these beads, I am not here to make a political statement,  I'm simply reviewing a facial scrub. Applied twice a week, my skin is smoother than using my Clarisonic alone. Serums and moisturizer melt in, acne products work quicker and my facial makeup is more smooth. It's such a divine feeling. Rating 4 solid stars, I adore this exfoliator and will replenish. Retailing for $17 on Beautisol, I am grateful that I was able to try a full size from the iFabbo shop!


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