A Costco Beauty Haul of YSL, EOS and Honest.

I headed to Costco to see if I could score Jenna Hipp's second set of nail polish... Set 2 was not available but that's ok, I scored some other pretty amazing deals instead!

My opinions of The Honest Company seemed simple: They made stuff for babies. Wellll yes but there are adult appropriate things too, like Honest Shampoo & Body Wash in Sweet Vanilla Orange. The scent is very light and natural, for me it is barely detectible. There is no skimping in quality here, the vegan formula is thick and requires no more product than you would normally use. It rinses cleanly and leaves my skin very soft thanks to jojoba and coconut oils. Costco Members can purchase a special 2 pack of
17oz (500mL) bottles - valued at $40 - for only $14.99.

While I am only using it as a showergel, Danny used it as a shampoo and said his hair felt "matted down". We'll stick with our current haircare systems and use this to replace Bath & Body Works products.

eos (evolution of smooth) offered this collection of 5 lip balms. I'm starting with Strawberry. The egg shaped balm reminds me of Philosophy's Pink Almond Candy, which I purchased from Sephora around Christmas but it isn't nearly as sticky. The vessel is fun and easy to hold but the large size makes carrying with it in my small handbags a challenge. It is a comfortable product but I'm not fond of the waxy feel that this balm delivers. I am glad I was able to experience the different scents and try the Strawberry but I will not repurchase these balms. $10.99 for Costco Members.

Lastly and surprisingly, I came across a partial palette of YSL rouge pur couture Vernis à Lèvres, glossy stain in #106 Beige Anarchist, a nude pink. Said to deliver the shine of a gloss, color of a lipstick, and the long wear of a stain. I have seen this in Nordstrom but never tested it so I really didn't know anything about Vernis à Lèvres but I love YSL's lipsticks and balms so I felt pretty confident I would be happy with this purchase and I am. It is a unique experience. During the application is is thin, cold and wet feeling but quickly that coolness dissipates and sliding your lips together you discover the moderate thickness. It offers an amazing shine and was comfortable without drying my lips out or feathering off of them. Plus the nude shade stayed colour-true and didn't oxidize to something different. Free from Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates, I highly recommend this gloss and would be tempted to buy other shades... especially a red!

Have you scored any Costco beauty deals? Tell us which ones in the comments so other readers can check them out, too!


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