Butter London and Joe's. A Nordstrom Rack haul.

Frilly Knickers, Rosie Lee, Fiddlesticks
I love when Nordstrom Rack offers an additional 25% off of their clearance merchandise. Franci and I met at Oakridge mall and I scored 2 amazing finds. First up was a Butter London Lippy lipgloss trio, with a $34 value, this set retailed for $25, was marked down to $10 and the additional 25% off promo brought it to $7.50!

Frilly Knickers - The white base of Frilly Knickers applies to the lip clear with a small amount of shimmer; this is not a glitter bomb lipgloss. The blue, green and red micro glitter give this gloss a very pale purple hue but that does not translate the purple on the lip.

Rosie Lee - This rose shimmer looks like a member of the frost family but it is not, the sheer pink base is accentuated by silver micro glitter that offer a rich sheen not glitter that is as noticeable as Filly Knickers.

Fiddlesticks - A plum base gloss with noticeable plum glitter. The glitter looks the same size as the other shades but you can clearly see it makes a visible appearance on my lips.

I would describe these as more of a balm then I would a lipgloss. Thicker in consistency, very comfortable, extremely moisturizing and never sticky, they even feature a vanilla cupcake scent, yum! They stay put, never feathering off of my lips and the colour stays true too. I love this formula. These three feature a different applicator than the first Lippy that I tried; Secret Door has a brush wand while these are terry and easier to achieve a smoother finish.

Click here to see my review of Secret Door.

These wax coated skinny ankle jeans by Joe's were a STEAL! Retailing for $168 I paid only $37.35 at the Rack! I don't know you will find them at your local Outlet but if you must have a pair, they are still available on Nordstrom.com, here. With a little stretch, the high ankle is begging to be paired with heels!
What was your latest +Nordstrom Rack haul?
Did you score some new treasures during this sale?



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