Butter London ROCKS Colour Cosmetics

New product release:

Today is a very exciting day! Butter LONDON has entered the cosmetics market in a huge way! They reached out to me and asked if I was interested in trying some new products and YEAH! I was SHOCKED when I received this box full of treats and treasures to create an entire Jaded Jack 'look', 9 full sized products in total. Join me and let's rock these colours!

The Look: Jaded Jack.
Click picture to enlarge for detail.
Wink Cream eyeshadow, Jaded Jack.
Wink, Colour Mascara, Brown Sugar.
Wink, Colour Mascara, Jaded Jack.
Wink, Eye Pencil, Jaded Jack.
Wink, Eye Pencil, Union Jack Black.

•Cheeky, Cream Blush, Naughty Biscuit.

Lippy, Tinted Balm, Strawberry Field.
•Lippy, Lip Gloss, Secret Door.

•Nail Lacquer, Jaded Jack.
I start by swatching everything. The first thing I notice is how thin the Cream Eyeshadow glides on. Check out my Instagram page for swatches. I am able to add a second coat to my hand... Interested to see how this translates to my eyelids. This product is not called for in the final look but I will use and post an additional #FOTD specifically using this product. I also want to note 3 products I received are part of Bold Red Lip Look but actually work better for my skintone.

This is an easy look to create. You only use 6 products:
both eyeliners, both mascaras, blush and gloss.
Of course I added my powder foundation and brow filler to pull the look together.

First, I start with Union Jack Black eyeliner on my waterline and upper and lower lash line. This liner dries fast so you need to work quickly but smoothly. The waterliner dried and allowed me to add a second layer but will come off later on during the application. I slowly work the Black liner out, softening the edges with a q-tip. Then I dull the Jaded Jack liner on the back of my hand and apply it all over my eyelid, up to the crease. Once this liner is set, it is set. You can no add more on top so do not get sidetracked. These liners are creamy but in no way waterproof and because they are pencil, there is some drag. I make sure the liner is present in the corners of my eyes and then retrace over the Black to make it pop.

I apply Brown Sugar (part of Bold Red Lip Look) on my top and bottom lashes and move to the other eye and repeat. I then apply coat 2 but know coat 1 is already dry and coat 2 is dragging and pulling a bit. I use my Chella Heated Eyelash Curler which works fast to curl my lashes and I finish the eyes with Jaded Jack mascara. But not in the typical manor - I use the end of the wand to 'paint' the green as close to my lash line as possible. Once that dried, I went back over the tips with Brown Sugar.

I finished my facial makeup, applied Cream Blush in Naughty Biscuit (part of Bold Red Lip Look) to the apples of my cheeks and blended up. It looks sun-kissed. I actually didn't think I would like it but it's very soft and feminine. I completed this entire look with only Secret Door gloss (part of Bold Red Lip Look), making my eyes the stars of this show.

Because I am using liner as shadow, my eyes feel tight, like too much eyelash adhesive. Its not uncomfortable, just noticeable. The Lippy Lipgloss is niiice. I was *honestly* expecting a sticky mess but it is not sticky. I don't care for the brush applicator, it feel like a nailpolish brush to me, I much prefer a terrycloth doe foot. I mention this because the applicator might make me not purchase this product in the future. The lipstick not used in this look is sheer and semi matte. Both lip products stay true to colour and do not feather. The gloss does not gum up, either. All in all, I love this collection and will purchase more of the tinted mascaras and probably a bright cream blush.
Have you experienced this collection?
Which shades did you score?


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