Surf Spray. Swatches from Revlon's Parfumerie.

This is a fun shade! Surf Spray *Yes, I have called it smurf spray by accident. A few times.* is part of Revlon's Parfumerie collection. This vibrant aqua lacquer is packed full of shimmer. It requires 3 coats for full opacity; I found 2 coats is quite streaky and even though the lacquer levels off it takes a while to dry. This is my second of 3 Parfumerie lacquers.

Like Moonlit Woods, it started to wear off the edges of my nails by the end of day one. It was easy to remove, it lifted cleanly and did not stain my nails. The scent, which is clean and fresh, comes after the Surf Spray dries and lingers for about 12 hours. I rate Surf Spray 3.5 out of 5 stars.
Which of these shades have you tried, Kitten?

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