PHAMExpo Pasadena : A VIP Haul

I was super excited to be a VIP guest at PHAMExpo in Pasadena, June 2013. You can image the visions of hauls dancing in my head! Unfortunately I contracted food poisoning Friday night and spent 95% of my time in LA in my hotel bed but I was able to make a few little purchases on day 1. Please join me as I present my beautiful little PHAMExpo haul! 

I started at Parian Spirit, a profession makeup brush cleansing solution and system. I was eager to find the booth and check this product out for myself, especially since I am so unhappy with my current cleanser. This product is simple and smells like citrus. Yum! I chose the spray and the canister because these vessels will give me multiple ways to clean and disinfect my makeup brushes and false eyelashes.

Spending the Summer of 2013 with Essie

Embark on a chic color adventure in delicately sparkling lights and ultra soft brights.
Drop anchor and dive into blessed-out essie color that charts a course for chic.

Click image to enlarge.

La Pure Whitening Facial Mask by SKINVEL

I love facial masks. They force me to stop and have some real me time. Having reviewed an anti-aging mask by Skinvel, they asked me to review their new whitening sheet masks and I jumped at the chance. I was sent one Kit, which contains a week's worth of masks - it is recommended to use this 3 times per week until you achieve optimum lightening. I am a perfect candidate for this trial because I am quite pale and have sun damage which looks like excessive freckles.

Shake, Rattle but it's Better to Roll.

What do you do when you grab a bottle of nail polish and realize it has separated? I used to shake shake shake but like Amy says, No no no!

Next time, try rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands. This method will mix the pigments just as thoroughly as vigorously shaking the bottle.

So why is shaking your polish so bad? It creates millions of little bubbles that you can’t see until they rise to the surface during the drying process, ruining your mani.

What are some of your nail polish tips, Kitten?

My Nail Polish Organization

I was trying to think of the best way to access my nail polish without having to lift and lower 93520935 bottles looking for the right shade. Then it hit me: Why don't I dab a dot of lacquer on the top of each bottle so I can quickly glance over and spot the one I wish to wear! I use q-tips to apply the polish to the top of bottles, like Essie, where there isn't a separate cap, like LVX. How do you keep your bottles organized?

Stars and Sand! Celebrating July 4th with OPI and LVX

Once again Mariah Carey pulled of The Impossible: A reddish pink polish that reminds me of a candy strawberry. Visible glitter of hexagon and stars embellish The Impossible, by OPI. Though I had to work at adding the stars to my nail one at a time, securing them on my brush and dabbing them into place. Once the stars dried in place, I added another coat of polish to cover them so they looked more organically applied and didn't peel off. I applied 3 coats of The Impossible. While it was drying down to a textured matte finish, I added 2 coats of Tribute by LVX to each of my ring fingers. The blue is rich, shiny and delicious. A perfect compliment.

Did you jazz up a special Independence Day mani?
Post the link below so I can check it out!!


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