c Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub

Intensely clean, smooth and renew! Suspended within this creamy, conditioning cleanser is gentle Walnut Shell Powder, making it perfect for all-over skin smoothing without scratching or drying skin. Ideal for delicately resurfacing and restoring radiance, and amazing on rough elbows and knees that need a little tough love!

This is a creamy scrub, almost gel-like in consistency. Personally, I prefer a scrub that's just a scrub, not a cleanser too. It's true, this scrub never felt as though it was scratching my skin as it removed dry and dead skin cells. My moisturizing oils sank in quickly since there wasn't a barrier in the way. This scrub offers a light nutty scent which does not linger on my skin.

The 16oz plastic vessel is very easy to squeeze, the label did not disintegrate or lift off, even after being in my shower for about 4 months. I use my Try Every Drop spatula to transfer the remaining product to a Mini Kittour travel vessel so I could use every bit! Retailing for $5.99, I rate Walnut Shell Body Scrub a solid 4 out of 4 stars. My skin was comfortably exfoliated and the product rinsed cleanly, I prefer a little more oomph in my scrubs; I wish there were more exfoliation particles and less base product. While this is not the scrub I will go out of my way to replenish, I would purchase it again if I needed cart filler (ex: to qualify for free shipping) on FreemanBeauty.com!

Have you used this scrub, Kitten?

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