Catherine Malandrino for Kohls DesigNation

It's funny. I received a $25 gift card to Kohls for Christmas 2011 and was a bit perplexed; I've never shopped Kohls. So I waited and waited... thinking I'd end up using it for new bath towels. Then I heard that Catherine Malandrino was joining DesigNation and knew that *this* is why I have been holding on to the gift card, not boring bath towels!

Pleated Ponte Dress is created in charcoal and is surprisingly very well constructed and heavy weighted. Now, I know why it was $70! The button detail down the left side covers the snap entry/exit which runs down the dress until the pleated bottom. The dress lies flat and keeps it's shape so you do not have to worry about shifting and revealing. Made in Vietnam of 70% polyester, 25% rayon and 5% elastic, the Pleated Ponte Dress is available online, only.

Retailing for $70, I waited until it went on sale and pounced! I was a little away from free shipping ($50 after discounts) so I added
Eva NYC Up All Night...

This Eva NYC Up All Night spray is said to provide me with the ultimate blowout by adding volume and shape all while protecting my hair from the heat. While I do not have long tresses to enjoy supermodel hair, I don't want frizz from lack of protection. This is my first Eva NYC product... stay tuned for the review! $23.99 on sale for $12.99.

So my savings worked out like this:
Pleated Ponte Dress was $70 and on sale for 20% off bringing the cost down to $52.50. I stacked a 15% Kohls eCoupon which saved an additional $9.83 off the total, plus I found a code for free shipping on $50 orders, thanks to Retail Me Not, which saved another $8.95.

See what I did there? I needed to spend $5.96 to use the free shipping with $50 purchase code so I added a $12.99 item and saved $1.95 from the 15% off eCoupon. The difference between free shipping ($8.95) and Up All Night ($11.04) is only $2.09. What would you rather do... waste $9 on shipping or spend the $9 plus a little more and get another item, maximizing your spent money?

What to know: Kohls offers free shipping on carts over $75, no code needed. You can use 2 codes per Kohls transaction.

What else you should know:
This was the WORST check out experience EVER! Perhaps their site isn't Firefox friendly but it took me 90 minutes to check out. And I am not kidding. The coupon codes were not discounting properly... It kept kicking out my credit card information.... it was logging me off... So. Frustrating. I really hope that this was a one-off experience but it was so bad, I will not shop their website ever again. *Crosses arms in protest*

How about you, Kitten?
Did you pick up any of the Catherine Malandrino pieces?


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