Drugstore Favourites *A collaboration* Part 3

You know I love CVS and this third Drugstore Favourites post only solidifies my feelings! Today I am partnering with



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Up first is:

Güd : Natural Body Mist,
Orange Petalooza.

So yummy, I have to restrain myself from opening the vessel and sipping the blood orange Güdness. This is a great way to smell special without wearing perfume. When I wear it, I apply 2 spritzes of Orange Petalooza. I think this is the perfect spray for those times I am working or relaxing at home or even running errands and am looking for something less formal. Part of Burt's Bees, Orange Petalooza Natural Body Mist does not contain parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. This 3oz spray is TSA-Friendly and retails for $6.00.
This Body Mist was provided as part of a Klout perk

Kardashian Beauty : Airbrush Leg Spray, Sunbeam
This is not a self-tanner, think of it as makeup for your legs. Spray it on and take it off with soap and water. The formula is streak-free and goes on as lightly as you spray it. Meaning do not over do it - it is easy to apply too much and have a makeup mess on your hands. Or is that legs? Sunbeam covers veins, scars and uneven pigmentation without the scent of a stinky self-tanner and provides a natural glow. The water resistant finish gives you the flexibility to wear it and not worry about it rubbing off. It didn't transfer to my sheets when I wore it overnight, either. Shake the can very well and lightly mist. Tropically scented, I rub Sunbeam in a circular motion to make sure I have evenly coated my legs, wash my hands and done. It takes just a few minutes for Sunbeam to dry. I can't stress enough how easy it is to overuse this this Leg Spray. Retailing for $17.99, this Limited Edition spray is 3oz and TSA-Friendly

Not Your Mother's : She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray

OK, let's face some facts. This is some stinky stuff. It does not smell like apple blossoms and what does bamboo really smell like, anyway? Here is the thing: It doesn't say it smells like Apple Blossom & Bamboo. It's infused with.
Now that that is out of the way...

I really like this hairspray, it is my Hunny Bun's BFF. The hold is moderate; it keeps my hair in place, especially the fly-aways without a rock hard hold. It sprays with some force, not just a mist as it is designed to get into your root for maximum lift. The 2oz travel size aerosol can retails for $2.99 and is *ta-da* TSA-Friendly.

Physicians Formula : Super BB Concealer
My only experience with concealer is to cover my acne but as I started to post more and more pictures of myself, I realized I could use a little extra help under my eyes and in the lines leading from my nose to my mouth. CVS was running an irresistible ExtraBucks reward: Spend $10 get $7EB.... Retailing for $12.95 this concealer features an all-in-one vessel; the tube of concealer has a crank base with a brush applicator. I notice this does separate a bit, so I make sure to crank the base 1 click and wipe the brush on a small piece of tissue, crank again and apply to my under eye area.
Super BB Concealer stays moist and does not settle in my fine lines. For me, Light/Medium is perfect. I really like Physicians Formula and this one is no exception.

Spongeables : Pedi-Scrub Foot Scrubber
This pedi-scrub foot buffer is said to 4 in 1: cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturize.  The sponge is is created with a mix of Glycerin, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil and features a slight Lavender scent. While it says they last for 20+ uses, they last FOREVER! Seriously, I use mine 3-4 times a week and it lasts about 4 months before all of the product has been used. Click here to read my full review and know that I love it so much I am on my 3rd one!!

Ulta sells the name brand 'Spongeable' and CVS sells it under their own name but the images are the same. #WhiteLabel

Have you tried any of these treasures, Kitten?

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