Byzantium in the Buff

It should come as no surprise that purple is a colour worn by royalty. Fabrics of this shade adorned emperors of the ancient Grecian city, Byzantium as well as Rome. Since I feel like royalty when I wear ChromeGirl Nail Lacquer, it was only fitting that I swatch a purple shade. I decided to switch it up. Usually I wear the brighter shades on 8 nails with a 'bland' shade on my ring finger nails but with this look 2gether Forevs is going to be the one that pops. *BAM*

Click image to enlarge.

The co-founder insisted I try their nude, perfectly named No Tan Lines. I start with one coat of ChromeGirl Base Coat, wait 2 minutes and apply two coats of No Tan Lines. It is an amazingly perfect nude. Not too pink, not too brown, not too yellow. Goldilocks. Just right. It only takes two coats for solid opacity. I finish the 8 nails and wait for them to cure before I add 2gether Forevs. I use my ring fingers to help clean up little oopsies, which is why I leave them bare until the end.

2gether Forevs is a dupe to Pantone 2573; a pale lilac. Not too pink, not too blue. Just right. Two coats provides perfect opacity and I seal all 10 nails with the ChromeGirl's Top Coat for added protection and shine. The shades are creamy and cover completely with 2 coats. This is actually one of my favourite looks. It's subtle but powerful. I don't have to have flashy nails to show you how powerful I am. I will, without a doubt, wear this combo again. Retailing for $10, these 4-Free shades are available on ChromeGirl's website. Lasting nearly 3 full days before it chipped, I rate both of these shades 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Have you tried this collection, Kitten?
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