My ChromeGirl Mani for Talia.

While I was researching Brands I wanted to speak with at CosmoprovLV, I came across an emerging nailpolish company named Chrome Girl. Known as 4-Free - free of formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or camphor -this collection was inspired by children but it's no kids play! These shades are highly pigmented, made in the USA and vegan.

Drooling over their display, I found myself instantly drawn to Schmexy and Party Star. Schmexy is a minty marine blue-green creme while Party Star a disco dream crafted from a clear base with a dominance of silver shimmer kissed with pink, green and blue shimmer for depth. Both of these polishes translate from the bottle to the nail perfectly.

I was very saddened by the news of Talia Castellano's passing Tuesday morning and decided to dedicate my mani to her.

I start with Chrome Girl's Base Coat. It easily glides on my nail with a thicker finish than I am used to and it dries very fast with a super high shine. Actually, looks like clear gel polish. The co-owner Jamie tells me it is a 'sticky' base; it 'grabs' the lacquer and keeps it on your nail the way a base coat should.

I apply 1 coat of Schmexy and Party Star and wait 2 minutes before I apply a second coat. I then wait 2 more minutes and top it all off with Chrome Girl's Top Coat. This is a fast drying line, all of my nails were painted with a total of 4 coats and I was done and dry in 10 minutes. Now, that's my kind of mani!

My nails feel strong and hard. They look like I have applied gel polish. This colour is streak-free, creamy and deliciously opaque. It's true, these shades cover completely with 1 coat and look divine with 2. I could get away with 1 coat of Schmexy but I needed 2 coats of Party Star for an opaque finish.

Schmexy never dulled or faded and lasted 2.5 days before it chipped. Party Star has not chipped, as of day 3! Retailing for $10 on ChromeGirl's site, I rate Schmexy 4.5 out of 5 stars and Party Star a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. This is a great price on high-end polish, the shades are on trend with new introductions 2 - 3 times per year. I've already seen the next release and they're amazing! And the colour payoff + durability is outstanding! Stay tuned, Kitten, I am going to swatch most of the shades in the photo above and give the rest away so you too can experience ChromeGirl!

Have you had the pleasure of ChromeGirl, Kitten?
Which shade(s) have you tried?


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