Spending the Summer of 2013 with Essie

Embark on a chic color adventure in delicately sparkling lights and ultra soft brights.
Drop anchor and dive into blessed-out essie color that charts a course for chic.

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Such a bad, bad girl.
I was settling the bill from having my platinum roots retouched when I spotted the Essie Summer 2013 display, most notably recognized from the naughty nautical marketing campaign.
My salon had 4 out of the 6 Summer 2013 shades available for purchase.

full steam ahead - pearlescent punch lilac.
If you like opaque, you're going to want to apply 3 coats.

As you can see in my photo, 2 coats was a bit streaky.
This scream Easter Brunch! The shade is as delicate as the shimmer.
While you may think this is a Spring/Summer only shade,
it will work well into Fall, paired with your favourite gray.

the girls are out - fuchsia peony sparkle.
I wore this to PHAMExpo. Pretty.
Edgy without trying to make Goth 'work'.
2 coats covered perfectly.
The shimmer adds just enough depth without it being glittery.

Click image to enlarge.

the more the merrier - juicy lime green.
Very thin like full steam ahead.
The streaky start lets me know immediately I will need to apply 3 coats for pure opacity.
 This shade would be really fun paired with yellow glitter.
It is a bit too theatrical for my taste. All I think is Wizard of Oz.

naughty nautical - shimmering, brilliant blue-green
This is by far my favourite of the 4.
The description is spot on and you only need 2 coats for full opacity.
I can see myself wearing this again and again.

Have you treated yourself to an Essie Summer 2013 shade?
Which one, Kitten?
Leave your URL in the comments below so I can check out your swatches!

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