S.M.A.R.T. Skincare with Grand Central Beauty

I am lucky enough to say, this is my second use of this product. My first, a BeautyARMY employee gratis, was applied to my décolleté since I was fearful of a peel-off style mask but now that I know how gentle it is, I can't wait to apply this to my face so I can experience the full benefits. You can read about my first experience and results, here. This time around I used it on my face and the instantly noticeable results pretty much blew me away.

This mask is very simple to use and I will demonstrate with the travel container, which is what BeautyARMY Members were able to select, if they chose to. First, this container, pictured above, is your mixing tray. Add the powder to they tray - it's pink with an iridescence - add the entire contents of the little vial of serum, fill the cup that the powder was in with water warmer than tepid and add that to the container and mixed it all together, thoroughly. There is a lot of product and you are instructed to put all of it on your face - do it - it makes removing the mask that much easier and in the video below, you will see what happens when you don't pack enough product on your skin.

Now, here are some things I want you to know.
•This mask is clinically tested, not simply generated and sold to the masses.
•It is travel friendly. You use the travel dish, cover and provided band to keep it in one place, easily. This is an excellent product to bring with you, especially if you are traveling to a big event - you will look so refreshed and glowing, people will think you went from the airport to the spa! And don't worry, Gorgeous, any residue rinses off easily.
•The 4 pack is nice to share if you're having a spa party!
•Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins. This fragrance-free formula will not irritate.
•It's the perfect product to use when you are in between facials.

So why is this mask not premixed?
Simple. The ingredients are highly concentrated and will offer peak performance once you mix them together. This is not a clay based mask, it is almost rubbery when it sets. The difference being, it envelopes your skin providing a deep penetration of treatment. You still have to add eggs and water to cake mix before you can enjoy your dessert!
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As it dries I feel a very cooling sensation, as if I feel a barrier or water between the mask and my face. While it is not tight, it is firming as it dries but as you can see in the video above, it is very easy to remove with minimal pulling on the skin. Have you been able to try this mask, if so, have you added it to your weekly skincare regime?

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