Grand Central Beauty: S.M.A.R.T. mask

I was excited and nervous at the same time, to try this mask.  I love peel-off style masks - but my face does not.  I usually suffer upper epidermal lifting, meaning on some areas on my face the top layer of skin lifts and looks and feels like a rug burn; raw, irritated and slightly weeping.

The description says it is designed to smooth and moisturize with Anti-Aging assistance and Redness-Reduction. The S.M.A.R.T. Mask also tones your skin, all in as little as one use.  What else attracted me to this sample? It is Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Petro-Chemicals-Free, Phthalates-Free AND only tested on humans, never animals.

I didn't have the original mixing tray, no bother, I used a clean International Coffee container and mixed it with one of my mini spatulas!  I added the powder to my container - it's pink with an iridescence - added the little vial of serum, filled the cup that the powder was in with water warmer than tepid and added that to the container and mixed all of the ingredients thoroughly.

It looks like Silly Putty and the scent reminds me of theatrical makeup. The scent lingers a bit after the mask is removed.  I have heard a few Beauty Army members say that they felt there was too much product after mixing it all together - enough for a second mask and I I have to agree. I mixed the products as directed until smooth with my mini-spatula and apply all of it over my decollete.
My skin didn't feel a temperature shock as I was applying the SMART mask since I used warm water in the mixing tray.  After 10 minutes there was cool feeling, not menthol cool but refreshing.  It felt like there was a water barrier between the mask and my skin.  In fact when I removed it, the back of the mask felt wet to the touch but I didn't see moisture on the mask or my finger tips.

It starts to turn white around the edges where the product is at it's thinnest, as it dries.  My sternum lifted first, on it's own so I decided to start the removal at that spot.  Immediately, it tore in half so I had 2 large pieces to remove and they came off of my decollete very easy.  I didn't have to pull at all, it lifted right off of my skin.  I was expecting it to stick to my skin more and give me a substantial peel - one that lifts all of those dead skin cells - but that was not the case.  The thin parts of the mask around the edges did not come off as cleanly as the rest, so I used my Shea Terra Organics Rose Water toner on a cotton round to remove those bits.

My skin was very soft and bright with zero redness, zero irritation; I had this Hollywood glow.  I could tell immediately where the mask was and where it wasn't by the tone of my skin.  I am confident that I can use this on my face and not experience lifting.  Retailing on Beauty Army for $75 for a 4 mask Kit, this sample is valued at $18.75.  I rate the S.M.A.R.T. Mask 4 stars out of 5.  I wish it was a little more tacky, this mask practically fell off, which in my mind makes me wonder: could have simply used a serum to deliver the ingredients.  I highly recommend this mask to anyone with sensitive skin.  You will be able to enjoy the full benefits without the irritation.

What about you, Gorgeous?
Have you used the S.M.A.R.T. mask?

This sample was provided to me as BeautyArmy employee gratis.
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