Whipping my eyes into shape.

I'm sure you know by now how much I love Whip Hand Cosmetics.
Well, let's let the love continue! I have 4 more loose pigment eyeshadows swatched and ready to share with you.

I was playing in the BeautyARMY Press Closet one day and came across these four lovelies! From Whip Hand:
A pure winter white with a hint of sparkle.
This is pure white and it hardly shimmers. The mica provides depth without looking like clown makeup.
A dreamy purple that has been kissed by a lilac.
Rich with sexy shimmer, but not over the top.
If you are looking for sunshine yellow, you found it.
Not as obviously shiny as Snob but just as gorgeous.
I am waiting for Crush to come back in stock so I can have some real fun with this shade! 
This gray has multiple personalities.
Quickly layered on top of your primer it is a rich granite gray
but play with it for a while and it softens to an ashy shade.
If you look closely at my swatch, you can see both finishes.

Loose pigments are very easy to work with. Here are a few of my best practices:
1) Apply eye primer

2) Unscrew the cap and shake your loose pigment into the lid.
3) With a FIRM brush, dip the bristles into the powder and gently stir a bit.
4) Tap off the excess powder, back into the lid.
5) Apply the loose pigment using a patting technique instead of rubbing. Pat your first coat to cover the primer then move to the other eye.
Once you have the primer covered, your second coat will become blendable so you can smooth the edges.
6) Repeat steps 3-5, gently building the colour on your lid.
7) Clean any fallout - the combination of a firm brush and the patting motion application will drastically limit your fallout.  :)
8) Complete your liner/mascara and done!

Have you experienced Whip Hand Cosmetics for yourself?
They are proudly made in the USA, Detroit to be exact.
Have you selected the Camo Collection sample(s) from BeautyARMY?
Which shades or other Whip Hand products are you products to call your own?

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