Platinum Lineless Eye Mask.... Eye Mask?

This is not the first time that I have used a cloth mask but this is the first time I have used one from Envie de Neuf.

I received a sample of their mask in one of my subscription boxes a few months back and am just getting around to testing it out. I have since cancelled all of my beauty subscriptions except BeautyARMY.

The mask is pictured on the right of the packette; Platinum Lineless Eye Mask. The best way that I can describe it is, it looks like a butterfly. 

Give the delicate skin around your eyes the attention it deserves with this anti-aging eye mask. The Platinum Lineless Eye Mask revitalizes the eye area with peptides that instantly relax wrinkles, hesperidin methyl chalcone to reduce dark under-eye circles, collodial platinum to stimulate cellular turnover and moisturizers to plump and hydrate the skin. In just 15 minutes you'll notice younger-looking eyes.

As you can see, this mask is a bit to large from my petite face. The lower part of the Platinum Lineless Eye Mask covers my upper lip and I have it as close to my eyes as I can tolerate. While this won't sway my decision to purchase,  at this point, I would rather have a mask that covers the rest of my face. And this is why: For an 'eye mask' it covers my cheeks and those pesky lines that lead from my nose to  the corner of my mouth. Which I like but take a look at the image from Envie de Neuf:

If this is what the mask actually looked like, then I would review it as an eye mask but this is not an eye mask to me. For the amount of face it covers, I feel like my forehead wasn't invited to the party. The top of the package tears open and the mask easily slides out. The product covering mask is a thin white cream, not the clear serums that covers Karuna masks. It was a bit messy to open and some of the treatment dripped off as I was peeling it apart but I kind of expected that to happen, so I opened it over the sink. Once applied, I used my pointer and middle fingers to massage over the mask, in small upward outward circular moves. This not only felt nice, it gently warmed the treatment and smoothed the mask flat against my skin so there was constant contact.

After 20 minutes of treatment.
I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, peeled it off and tossed it out. It was easy to remove and I rubbed the excess treatment into my entire face. My face looked very nice afterwards. My tone was even, my skin felt gently hydrated and my skin was not sticky. My fine lines around my eyes were gently plumped from the hydration and overall, my skin was kind of glowing. The Platinum Lineless Eye Mask did not aggravate my acne or cause additional breakouts. This single packette sells for $3.00 on the Brand's website, a 10 pack box is $30 and a 50 pack box is $150. I rate this mask 3.75 stars out of 5. I will not purchase these because of their enormous size. When I want an eye mask, I'll stick with Chella.

How about you, Kitten, have you tried this mask?

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