Chella: Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Review & Swatches

I first experienced the Chella Skincare Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask as employee gratis through BeautyARMY. These masks are truly 15 minute miracles. Always told to keep skincare, masks and peels away from the orbital area, these are designed to treat and comfort the delicate skin most of us tend to ignore.

This Kit contains a one month supply: 4 individual masks, 4 individual vials of serum and 1 eye cream packette. All tucked inside a compartmentalized box to keep your month long supplies in one place. Easy to use, the eye pads feel like smooth compacted cotton boomerangs when you unseal the backing but that feeling quickly changes once the serum is introduced. It is what I imagine the Karuna masks feel like before they are saturated with serum.

Break the butterfly tip off of the activator serum and apply the entire contents to the pads, while they are in the tray. There is no need to separate or turn the pads over, within a few seconds the serum will soak through and evenly coat both pads. This is where most people find them to be 'slimy'. They are no longer white, they are more clear and look like they are the love child of cotton and rubber.

There isn't a right eye and/or a left eye pad; the fatter part is what goes under your eye, the skinnier up by your temple. You can reposition the pads without worry that you are going to tear the pad - it is not that delicate. Once they are in place, leave them alone for 15 to 20 minutes. The serum does not drip so you can perform other tasks while reaping the benefits.

There is extra serum in the tray which I use on my decolletage; the skin most closest to the eye area. Once time is up, I peel them of and throw them away. I gently rub any excess serum into my skin and enjoy the mini me time. I look like I had a facial. My skin is even in tone, the texture is plump and fabulous and never ever have these broken me out or caused additional acne, and I have used a total of 4 masks. I only wish Chella made one for the entire face. It's such a divine treat.

With a new lower price, this Kit sells on BeautyARMY for $30.00
Have you tried this Mask, Gorgeous? I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars and would absolutely purchase a full size Kit to keep the treatments going. I didn't start to use eye cream until I was about 30 so now I am making up for lost time the best way I can.


This Kit was provided to me for my review. The review is my own and the complimentary gift does not impact my personal opinion. xoxo.
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