Drenched in Illamasqua - A Lipstick Review

This is the first product that I have purchased from Illamasqua, a UK based cosmetic company offering 'makeup for your alter-ego'. Created in 2008 and designed with nighttime in mind, Illamasqua provides a vast colour range without sacrificing professional quality.

Described as a pink berry red with a matte finish, Drech will undoubtedly make a statement. Opaque and highly pigmented, I find the formula to be incredibility creamy and surprisingly smooth. It stays put without deep staining, eliminating the need for multiple applications. 

Purchased from Sephora for $22, a median price point for designer makeup, Illamasqua provides products that are free from animal testing, which is important to me. Drench is  a shade I will rock during the day as well as night and I rate this lipstick 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love the coverage, the application is smooth and non-drying. The formula is creamy and lightweight, colour-true and non-feathering. I'm looking forward to trying other shades.

How about you, Gorgeous, 
have you made an Illamasqua product your own?
Which one(s)?

Popping My Falsie Cherry. An Amateurs Application.

I will be the first to admit, I didn't think eyelashes made that big of a difference. I have been blessed with thick long lashes and full lips. I decided to teach myself how to apply falsies so I would look better in pictures and videos as well as speak intelligently to BeautyARMY members who ask for tips. I chose the least expensive pair that I  have, in case I had to cut them or generally managed to screw them up. Nope. Easier than I thought. I applied a little glue to the plastic eyelash plate and used the back of my tweezers to transfer glue to the lashes. Thank you for that tip, xSparkage.

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