Chella: Heated Lash Curler

I've heard of heated eyelash curlers but I have not used one.  Actually, I do not know anyone who has used one.  And why would someone want to?  Instantly I have visions of a miniature curling iron near my eyeball and think, I'll pass.

Having fallen in love with the Chella Eye Masque from my Beauty Army Kit, I trusted @ChellaSkinCare when they raved about the awesomeness of their heated eyelash curler.  Completely skeptical I decide to put it to The Test!  The directions are on the back of the box and starting the device is super easy!  And then I read the kicker.  You know the secret sauce as to how a heater eyelash curler actually works.  And I reread it, just to make sure.  And read it one more time.  Yep - use it after you apply your mascara.  Humm... k.

Honestly, it's very easy.  Turn it on and wait 20 seconds for the coil to heat.  Don't worry, the plastic does not get hot.  Starting close to the base of your lashes, carefully lift and hold your lashes against your eyelid for about 8 to 10 seconds.  It's warm.  Feels kinda nice, actually!  It takes an average of three times for me to get the curl that I like and I curl my lashes in 3 sections across my eye.  That's a total of 60 seconds per eye.  In all fairness I spend a lot more time on my lashes, using the Chella Heated Eyelash Curler but I prefer the results to those of traditional scissor-style curlers.  Plus, I never have that bent-lash result cheap curlers can give you. And I don't have to try to cram my lases into one unit.  Best part?  No ripping my eyelashes out.  Super best part? It works.

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