OPI: DS Mystery Swatch and Review.


This multiple personality lacquer appears to be black with copper shimmer from first glance. But appearances can be quite deceiving. Described as an alluring dark violet diamond shimmer, DS Mystery is a midnight purple which iridesces blue. Speckled with shimmer not glitter, it has a delicate sparkle that is also easy to remove. DS Mystery is part of the OPI Designer Series line.

I started with Butter LONDON Nail Foundation base coat and applied 2 coats of DS Mystery followed by 1 coat of Butter LONDON Hardware high shine top coat. DS Mystery went on evenly and easily and I did not experience any clumping or streaking.

This 3-Free collection features the OPI ProWide™ Brush which applied my 2 coats quickly and evenly. Not a fan of the ProWide™ Brush? Try turning it on it's 'side' where it is actually more narrow.

This shade lasted 3 days before it chipped which is a long time in my book! I am super excited that I purchased this and I only wish I had used it sooner! I grabbed it from Pure Beauty, as I do with most of my OPI shades. I rate this polish 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a super fun shade and I look forward to wearing it again.
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