Nailene : Press On Adhesive Tabs

This is one of those wooohooo purchases. I *knew* I spotted these 'somewhere' and was super excited to score them at CVS last week on a Buy1Get1 50% off sale.

See, I grabbed a set of MAC Ruffian press-on nails in DemiLune and they are pre-glued. Hoping to make my $24 investment go beyond one wear, I was actively looking for glue strips sold separately and was pretty confident that I would find them in either a drugstore or a beauty supply store.

From Nailene, this 24 tab set retails for $3.19 per set and is said to wear for 5 days. I'm not planning on wearing my press-on's that long but it makes me feel better knowing they will not pop off at an inopportune time.

Stay tuned for my MAC Ruffian review and my follow up Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tab review. You will be able to easily find them under the MAC and the Nailene labels on the right. Do you wear press-ons? Which brand?
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