MAC : Ruffian Manicure in DemiLune Gold.

I had the pleasure of attending M•A•C Glamour Daze holiday 2012 event with the uber fabulous Franci, editor of The Fashion Palate. We lived the ultimate big girl dream: sipping grapefruit laced cocktails & nibbling on canapes, we swatched, tested and played with makeup!
Hamming it up with the staff!

While I was intrigued and enamored by the loose pigments, truth be told, I do not get excited by makeup - I am a skincare, body care and nails kinda girl... so even though I was planning on purchasing a 4 pack of holiday glosses to swatch for my blog, it wasn't where my heart wanted to be.
Glamour Daze holiday swatches

Then I came across these. Meet Ruffian Manicure for MAC, June 2012. I was able to purchased one of three available sets which were still availble: DemiLune, matte black nails with high-shine gold accents designed to be worn at the cuticle. I admit that I thought the gold was for the tips, as a French manicure. I think I will wear them this way the next time I apply the set, as they are supplied pre-glued.

The whole experience is luxurious. The box, fashioned matchbox style, has a drawer that slides out to reveal it's treasure. I am instantly drawn to the high-shine golden moons with full appreciation of the matte tips. Each tray is protected by a clear plastic sleeve which removes easily to give access to the Limited Edition press-on nails. Supplied in 2 trays of 12 nails the set of 24 retails for $25.00. Sold out online, you will have to search the MAC stores if you're going to track down a set or all three.
My location still had the first and last sets available.
So even though I am a little late on this trend, I am very happy with my 'holiday' purchase. Merry Christmas, me! I hope I am able to easily reuse the nails - I know that I can purchase additional press-on tabs to reapply and secure the set and I belive with a little goo-gone, elbow grease and qTips I shall be able to enjoy them time and time again. Stay tuned for my swatches!

How about you beautiful, have you seen these press-on nails or purchased a set?
Which ones did you treat yourself too?

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