UNII Cosmetics: A Complete Makeup Overhaul

It started off so innocently, as it always does. I was working the booth for BeautyARMY and the sweetest lady came over chatting about her products, Clever Girl Innovations and her booth-mates: UNII Cosmetics and the UNII Palette. Being a loyal Stila user I am familiar with the palette storage of makeup but not until I deepened my involvement in the Beauty Industry did I consider depotting my products. Actually I hadn't given it thought until that fateful day at iMATS. Totally intrigued, I purchased one in Pear and promptly got to work.

UNII is pronounced like UNIque. You-knee.  Not ooh-knee.

After watching the videos on the UNII site, I decided to go with Makeup Geek's flat iron method. I didn't have parchment paper to line my flat iron with so I used tin foil and I wasn't purchasing another appliance just to depot - it was my iron or I found another method. It takes about 4 minutes for the glue to loosen enough for you to get the pan out at 160ºF. This is not a task you want to allow yourself to become sidetracked on - you need to focus your attention or the results could be disastrous - you could start a fire from melted plastic.

The main thing I wanted to do was put all of my Stila shadows form the 2, 3 and 6 pans into this one palette. In the end, I was SHOCKED to pack 6 eyeshadow sets into 1 UNII palette.  I broke one shadow from a Stila trio and decided it was a sign to throw the entire trio out. The UNII is large enough to see both of my eyes, so I can make sure that my eye makeup is symmetrical. Plus this palette is flat and I can A) Stack them B) Not worry about it sliding off of my counter while precariously stacked with other cosmetics I want to use.

As you can see, I was so surprised at the space I gained from the Pear palette that I purchased 3 more: Tourquise, Midnight and Honeysuckle which is missing from this picture and is holding 3 blushes. I decided on the black palette for my prestige shadows and the pink for blushes - it just seemed to make sense. If I was thinking, I would have purchased a lavender for my Urban Decay and MyFace cosmetics!!

She is a genius, designed by an architecture student Minna Ha, the UNII Palette is the result of frustration. Frustration with having to use and lug 5 different compacts for 7 different products. Frustration with tiny mirrors that reflect only 1 eye at a time. Frustration with having no place to put your thumb, other than in a pot of product. Frustration of having no place safe to store brushes. Problems solved. This palette comes with a magnetic base that features a magnetic thumb press, which you can move if you are a righty or a lefty. It is deep and long enough for most makeup brushes and features a mirror that is wide enough to see both eyes, comfortably. And don't worry, Gorgeous. If your product is not magnetic, there is a magnetic sheet provided which you can cut to customize and score the product name.

I emptied 19 pallets of products into these 4. I cut my cosmetic clutter by 80% and unfortunately contributed just as much to the recycle bin. Cosmetic companies need to get smarter about their packaging. Such an ungodly waste of plastic and cardboard, it makes me cringe to buy more makeup. Just announced on their Instagram feed was a larger prototype - super exciting, this is a better blusher alternative, especially for the larger pans of Physicians Formula Bronzers and Happy Booster.

Have you depotted? What are you using to store your products? This palette is heavy duty plastic with a full locking arm. Measuring: Outer: 3.7"D X 6"L X 0.7" thick. Inner: 2.8"D X 5.4"L X 0.3" thick. I can't wait for the larger size to become available! I rate these palettes a coveted 5 out of 5 stars and would buy more to house more products, if I were in need.  Available for $29 on BeautyARMY which shade will you choose?
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