Joico: A Violet Haul

The first thing my new hairdresser said to me was to buy violet shampoo. See, I'm working my way blonde again and I'm planning on going pretty light - I do not want to wreck my hearty investment over something as simple as crummy water or the wrong haircare. After all, I didn't pay for the brassy blonde, I paid for the platinum version!

Introduced to Joico by BeautyARMY, I was trolling our twitter line one day and saw @Joico ask their followers what was your favourite Joico item. @SammehJKay responded: Violet shampoo & conditioner.. WHAT?!!!  I need this in my life! @SammehJKay tells me that it is better than some toners she has used. I'm sold. I run to Ulta the next day and score on the Buy2Get1Free sale: 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner. Perfectly purple, I have used it once so far and am in total love.  A very low later, it smells amazing, cleans thoroughly and moisturizes lightly; my hair did not feel weighed down by product. Super excited to have found not only a Brand I want to support but a product that I was in need of, too.

Have you tried Joico? Are you a blonde who uses purple shampoo? Which brand?
Only available in salons, my Ulta has a salon inside.
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