Ulta: A Macadamia Hair Haul

Yeah yeah, I had a coupon to Ulta and wanted a macadamia hair masque packette!! I had a $3.50 coupon and thought, this would be the perfect time to get a mask packette and another Spongeables with GWP.... Not so much. The Spongeables GWP set was sold out but there was a better deal in store for me.

I had to spend $10 to use my coupon and the Spongeables was 'out' so the next best thing: the Masque packette, $4 and a 2oz Rejuvenating Shampoo for $6.00.  While I was checking out I gave her my Ulta Rewards card and coupon and was confused when she said that I didn't spend enough to qualify for the savings. With my best puzzled face I said how and she excitedly replied, 'OH! The Shampoo was on clearance for $2.49 and we're running a promo of an additional 20% off of clearance, so you're only paying $2.00 per bottle!'

I excused myself and quickly run back to the Macadamia Hair section looking for more 2oz bottles, of which I found 3. WOOT! $10 exactly. Buuuuutttt..... I can't use the coupon because Macadamia Hair a prestige line and I am completely ok with that! I had such an amazing savings that I have no right to complain!

The low sudsing shampoo smells like No Tangle which is much lighter than the Healing Oil Treatment. I now have a total of 4 different items from this line in my hair care arsenal and I am in love with each one of them!

Have you tried this line, Gorgeous?  A full size Healing Oil Treatment, worth $13.50, is being sampled with BeautyARMY right now!  Click here to join!
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