Ulta: a Mini Haul

I had $3.00 to save in Ulta with a $15 purchase and I was in the market for Rainbow in the S-Kylie.  Sold out everywhere, it was selling on eBay for $25 a bottle. Yikes! I knew thatI would need 2 bottles of polish to push me over the edge, I focused on something Springy...

I'm super excited that I was able to grab the last bottle of S-Kylie at my local store!  I'm so in love with aqua and lavender right now, Bikini So Tiny did the trick to fulfill my second bottle requirement!  It's a little more purple in real life. 

Of course once I queued, I spotted the travel section and came across a Brow Prep set from Anastasia.  The tweezers are the perfect size or my iMATS trip and the brow gel is a fabulous, if not full, size for $10! Love it!

How about you, Gorgeous, What was your last Ulta haul?
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