Indie Lee: The Daily Moisturizing Oil, Lavender

I have been using the Squalane Oil since February 2012 and it has changed the way I moisturize my skin. While casually reading product reviews on BeautyARMY one day, I saw another member mention that she likes the Lavender Oil for night time, to help her relax. Genius! Once it popped up in my window, I pounced!

Already knowing how amazing this oil is, I was apt to discover the scent. It's perfect. At night time, I use it after my Toner and apply 3 drops in a pressing-style of application. Instead of rubbing my face which can create more oil, I drop the oil onto my fingertips, press my left and right hands together to distribute the product and then press my fingertips onto my skin in an upward almost rocking motion.

Indie Lee's The Daily Moisturizing Oil in Lavender has never irritated my skin, caused additional breakouts nor have I found the aroma to be overpowering. Perhaps it is mind over matter but I truly feel more relaxed at night.  Selected in my June BeautyARMY kit, which you can see here, it came just the day before we were leaving for iMATS.  Super excited to have it on my journey, not only as a travel sized vessel but to help me sleep while I was away from my own bed. Retailing for $28, this all-natural moisturizer earns a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I will absolutely purchase the full size when my sample runs dry - and I will refill this sweet vessel for my next adventure.

Are you on #TeamIndieLee, Gorgeous?
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Or any of her other products, though BeautyARMY?

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