Essie: Bikini So Tiny

I purchased Bikini So Tiny during my last Ulta haul.  So Springy, so fabulous. I started off as I always do with 1 coat of Nail Foundation by butterLONDON & a 1 minute wait. I applied 3 coats of Bikini So Tiny with 2 minutes drying between each. When I do it again, I'll use only 2; it looked too thick with 3. I finished my mani with 1 coat of Hardware, also by butterLONDON

From the 2012 Summer Collection, Bikini So Tiny is a lightly sparkling cornflower blue. I see more lavender than I do country kitchen. I am so in love with this shade that I contemplated wearing it again when I did my polish switch 4 days later! I rate this $8 essie a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Gorgeous!

How about you, Beautiful?
Do you use essie?
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