Shea Terra Organics Whipped Butter Haul

I'm not sure where or how but I stumbled across a post to buy a $40 Shea Terra Organics certificate for $20 on SpaRahRah.  I pounced! Then I held on to it forever. Like 2 whole months. I simply couldn't decide what to buy and I wanted something different than the usual suspects.
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By April I couldn't take it anymore - all these Beauty Army Members raving and raving about their Banana&Baobabs butter.... I ordered the Frankincense Meditation butter with my last Shea Terra haul hoping that I would get a chance to select the B&B in my BA Kit, ergo giving me 2 different flavours. Having waited 5 months for the B&B to pop up, I made a decision to try out the other scents.  And I just so happen to have that certificate worth $40.

I treated myself to:
•Bourban & Vanilla - smells more vanilla than bourban
Frankincense - I previously purchased
•Gingered Pumpkin - so unbelievably delicious.
•Rooibos & Berries - smells exactly like the tea I get from Teavana.
•White Chocolate need I say more?
•Pink Guavas & Pomegranates - super light. This does not smell like POM tastes!
•Marula - this is my second Marula product. Smells like almond cookies!
Menthe & Cardamom - Let me be honest here, I went into this one with a complete open mind as I can not personally image these scents together.  It smells like spicy mint. Not hot spicy like pepper, warm spicy like cinnamon. It's surprisingly nice. This will make for a great foot butter!

But that's not all!
They include the best samples!  This time they tucked in:
African Wild Sage & Cinnamon soap? Marula Oil and Argan Oil.

Have you tried any of these butters?
Which one(s)?
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