Indie Lee: The Cleanser

I usually add "Bad Ass" to the title of my Indie Lee products and this one is no exception.  I dropped my other cleanser like a hot potato and replaced it, exclusively, with Indie Lee's The Cleanser.  This makeup remover and facial cleanser is unlike anything else that I have ever used.  It pumps out like pale pink gel but emulsifies into something more like a creamy oil.  And it smells like fresh strawberries.  Real strawberries.

Introduced to Indie Lee products through my employment with Beauty Army, I purchased this and several other products because they were recommended to me by Indie, herself.  I figure if they were designed by Indie for her own skin, then I can't go wrong!  And I didn't!

I use 1 pump for my eye makeup and 2 for my face.  I dampen a cotton round and pump once.  The Cleanser comes out of the pump with force!  I fold the cotton round over to spread the product a bit, open it back up and then clean one eye completely.  I then fold the cotton round in half concealing the makeup covered side and clean the other eye.  I clean my other eye without adding any more cleanser; there's enough suds coming through for even my waterproof makeup.  Once my eye makeup is removed, I dampen my hands and face then apply 2 pumps of product to my cupped fingers.  I do not hold water in my cupped hands, I only want damp skinQuickly I rub my hands together to distribute the product and then apply it to my face.  Using my finger tips, I massage it all over my face for about 1 minute and then use my Clarisonic to finish. I find this method of using my Clarisonic last, works best.  When I was adding the cleanser to the bristles on the Clarisonic, it was if the cleanser was getting 'lost' and my skin was not completely clean.

The brown plastic vessel has a pump top that pumps with some force. You are going to want to make sure that the nozzle is always clean and free of dried Cleanser; if it is clogged in the slightest way it will shoot cleanser  in multiple directions. It's ended up on my face, on my shirt, on the mirror... Retailing for $24 on Beauty Army, you can quickly see why this is a coveted 5 star favourite of mine.  I will absolutely rebuy this cleanser.  It is simply amazing.  How much so?  I told Lindsey, the founder of Beauty Army, that I wish I could wash my face twice, back to back.... Just so I could relive the experience!

What about you, Gorgeous?
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