Tim Gunn xox: A fashion show at Stanford.

The Big Gunn
One of the coolest things about living in the Bay Area is being able to participate in the attention that is given to us by the Fashion & Beauty Industries.  I never take for granted the opportunity to see a Trend, Fashion or Cosmetics show and on Saturday 5.19 I had the pleasure of attending Stanford Shopping Center which was the host to a Spring clothing and accessories runway featuring fashion Guru Tim Gunn!!

This was, by far, the most educational runway that I have ever had the pleasure of attending.  Not the standard oohhs and aahhhs at the sponsored clothes - complete wardrobes styled by Kate Spade NY, Juicy Couture and Lucky Brand - this was Tim Gunn saying how to wear the look, the individual pieces, why they work together and how they work apart.  Plus he was very verbal about who should wear each piece; Age appropriateness is key in all fashion choices.

With your $150 purchase of Kate Spade NY, Juicy Couture and/or Lucky Brand you qualified for a meet & greet with photo, cocktail reception and a Limited Edition Tim Gunn tote bag.  The fashion show was complementary and I didn't need to spend a penny but I had prepared to make a purchase for the photo op and a chance to ask a question or 2.

My Kate Spade NY haul
I lingered inside Kate Spade until 15 minutes before the start of the show, finished my purchase and could not have popped into a more lucky spot.  Not only did I have a clear view of the stage, Tim and the clothes but I just happen to end up next to the 'Line starts here' sign for the entrance to the meet & greet!!  I was second in line after the VIP guests and after I presented my receipt to show proof of purchase, was handed a wrist band and a glass of champagne and waited my turn.  He was very patient with everyone.  A genuine handshake, a close photo and an approachable demeanor.  They gladly took my camera, held my bags, he shook my hand and asked my name.  I felt like I had to ask something - how could I not - so I blurted out the most ridiculous thing I could have said, "I'm a fashion and beauty blogger but don't know that much about men's fashion.  What are a few essential items that a meat & potatoes man should have in his closet.  One who only discovered his love for denim 6 months ago?"

Yep, I meet Tim Gunn and the first and only question I ask concerns my boyfriend. lol.  His response? A blazer and a pair of brown dress shoes. "A blazer" he says "covers any shirt and dresses up and outfit."  I follow up with, "And brown shoes with jeans?"  Black shoes are too harsh; rich chocolate brown is an easy step up from sneakers, he explained.  The entire time, holding my hand. I assure him that I will invest in a nice pair of brown shoes and he thanked me for attending, I was handed an instant copy of our photo and the tote and I carried on with my day.

I am so fortunate I was not only able to go, that the weather was fabulous and I can't wait to share my purchase and his trend tips over the next few days.  I feel very lucky and truly blessed!  What about you, Gorgeous, have you seen this tour?  Have you met Tim Gunn or read his book? Are you planning on watching the next season of Project Runway?

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