Deborah Lippmann & Tony Surratt for Juicy Couture

Lookie what I found under the tree!!! I didn't know that Juicy Couture teamed with Deborah Lippmann and make-up artist to the stars, Troy Surratt for a Holiday '11 collection. I was trolling their sale page during Black Friday looking for fun things for the BF to buy during the additional 40% off and I stumbled upon it!

The Deborah Lippmann polish is what actually caught my attention and I notice then the champagne bottle... of what I thought was gold lipstick. Only when I opened the box did I discover it was a gloss. My heart sank a little. I do not like lipgloss that much. How could I have made such a mistake? Well, l better give it a go and it I don't like it I can give it away. Nope. I love it! It is a very sheer golden shimmer, lightweight and zero stickiness and lasts forever!! I am in love!! Now I find it a BLESSING that this came with gloss. Once again, the Goddess Mother teaching me to not have expectations and keep an open mind!

The Deborah Lippmann polish is amazing, it is actually my first experience with her collection and hopefully not my last. I used 3 coats to get a rich golden glitter which went on easy and smooth.  Actually, I was surprised how smooth my nails were with all of the glitter as I usually can feel the bumps.  The polish lasted 3 days before it chipped which is a winner in my book.

I followed her instruction on how to remove glitter nailpolish and it was off in a snap! I love this set and for $20 this was a fab deal and a great gift!! I think I'm going to go grab that little champagne bottle and let my lips celebrate!!


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