Don't mind if I Do Save $176

I thought lightning can't strike twice in seven days, right?  Thankfully, I was wrong.  Once again I popped over to Crossroads Trading Co off of W. San Carlos and made a mini score. 

Don't Let it be a Bitchbox

A few days after I wrote this it was announced that Birchbox received $10.5million in additional funding for growth.

I'm hearing and seeing the complaints.  They're louder as the months go on.  Maybe more people are complaining since Birchbox seems to be exploding with new subscribers. Growing at a rate of 50% per month it has been estimated that Birchbox currently has 45,000 members (60,000 members by the time this posts).  Still, I'm left to wonder: Why does it seem they aren't hearing you

Is no one listening or is it deeper.  Have you actually spoken up or is the indirectness of your communication from a fear of burning the proverbial bridge or you simply believe nothing can be done?  Perhaps they have just been too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

How to Read Beauty Product Labels

"How to Read Beauty Product Labels" was first reported on Yahoo and I thought this information is worth repeating.  This post was not written by or about me or my views. The points where I have added my two cents are in this same shade of purple, sometimes listed as Editor's note. In case you missed the original post, here it is:

I use the Garnier Fructis Body Boost Fortifying Shampoo. The bottle says that it’s for “fine or flat hair” and “weightlessly boosts for all-day volume.” Cosmetics expert Paula Begoun wants to talk about false information. “Garnier's Body Boost Fortifying Shampoo has lots of window-dressing wording that looks good on the label but does nothing for your hair.  Labeled for Fine/Limp hair, the shampoo does a great job of cleansing all hair and scalp types with minimal risk of buildup.”

So why does Garnier market it otherwise? In short, because they can – which is exactly why you should never buy a personal care product based on a promise on its packaging.

Unlike medications, these products are not approved by the FDA. It’s shocking, I know – we apply them to a vital organ (our skin) on a daily basis – but it’s true.

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