Look 10 pound lighter instantly. Change your bra!

It's true.  Wearing the right bra and lifting the girls from your waist will instantly make you look 10 pounds thinner.  Plus you will stand a little more straight making you taller.

1) Diversify. You need 6 styles in your bra wardrobe: Smooth, strapless, sporty, sexy, t-back and a leisure bra; comfortable and soft.

2) Hit the Sweet Spot. Your nipple should line up half way between your elbow and your shoulder.  If it doesn't you could be wearing the wrong bra.

3) Do a Proper Try-on. For a perfect fit, put your bra on while bending forward so your breasts fall into the cups.  Then fasten the back and adjust the shoulders.

4) Bring a T-shirt. A great-fitting bra will pass the t-shirt test.  It should look smooth and invisible.

5) Find Your Go-to Style. Wear your favourite bra to the store.  Show it to the expert and she will help you find a similar one.

Feel more comfortable measuring yourself in your own home, Victoria's Secret has simple instructions on how to measure: Wear a non-padded bra and use a soft tape measure, also known as a fabric measuring tape. 

1) Band Size.  Hold the tape measure around your back at band level then bring it to the front, just above your bust.  The resulting number is your band size.
*Hint: If the number is odd, round down to the closest even number.

2) Bust Measurement.  Measure completely around the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level).  This is your bust measurement. If this measurement falls on the 1/2 inch, round up. Measure true— not too loose or too tight. You're the only one who knows that number, be honest with yourself.
*Hint: Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the ground and not binding.

3) Cup Size.  Subtract the Band Size (step one) from the Bust Measurement (step 2).  This number equates to the letter of your Cup Size.  0" = AA, 1" = A,  2" = B, 3" = C, 4" = D, 5" = DD, 6" = DDD
Example: If your bust measurement is 36 and your band size is 34, you wear a B cup.

Remember, every body is different.  Victoria's Secret offers complementary (free) expert fitting with a Bra Specialist.  That's fancy talk for 'every employee can measure you'!

Bras should last 6 - 12 months machine washed and 12 - 24 month hand washed, which is preferred to keep the underwire in shape. 

Source: Victoria's Secret & Glamour
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