Waist not Want not.

I do not understand why we spend so much money on bras to lift our boobs and creams that promise to lift our skin, yet fail to spend a penny on additional shapewear to lift our self confidence.

These aren't your Granny's panties ladies!  Gone is the girdle!  Burned are the over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder!  Shapeware has gone hi-tech!  Solutions that include waist cinchers, tummy tamers, thigh shapers and booty boosters! 

My favourite are Spanx! I love the fact the legs on my Skinny Britches will not roll back up my thigh no matter how much I move around.  So I wear them under EVERYTHING. Spanx are available to the designer diva in prices ranging from $26 to $78.  Plus they have a readily available collection for the budget-conscious beauty, called Assets, that you can find at Target stores nationwide in prices ranging from $17 to $36. 

'Secret' by Victoria's Secret has launched and is available in 2 levels of control;           Medium for everyday and Firm for your form-fitting styles.  Available online and in select stores, the collection ranges from $28 to $68 and is available in a variety of colours.

Fellas, you can get your Spanx on too! The new Zoned Performance undershirt collection features powerful compression zones that comfortably transform the torso and chest.  If a flattened stomach and narrow waistline is what you seek, the Cotton Compression collection is right for you.  These pieces offer moisture-wicking technology and lower back support.  Behold the power of the shapershirt.  You'll stand taller, look slimmer and project a more confident self-image.

In my opinion, Shapewear isn't something you want to skimp on, price wise.  If you find yourself paying more, you are usually receiving a product made of higher quality fabrics.   This is important because you want a piece that will stay invisible under clothing, maintain its shape during extended daily wear and stand up to multiple washings. Invest in the best pieces you can afford without breaking the bank.  It is an investment in your self-esteem.

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