Classic Eye Creamsticks by 100% PURE

With all of the new products +100% Pure launches,it's easy to forget about classics like Pearl Creamsticks.

Hope Diamond

These vegan versions of Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity - with a touch of Pewter completing the trio - are buildable, giving you shiny, sheer to opaque coverage. 

Swatches! Lip Caramel liquid lipstick + 100% Pure

Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick} by +100% Pure

Introducing Lip Caramel, an all-new vegan liquid lipstick by 100% PURE®. Lightweight and ultra moisturizing, Lip Caramels are formulated with achiote seeds from the lipstick tree which stain your lip skin making this collection the perfect base to the all-new 100% PURE® Gemmed glosses.

Thin with lots of slip, Lip Caramels are offered in a dip tube with a tear drop shaped applicator and an amazing, all-natural vanilla caramel flavour. Join me on a sweet, +Sees Candies inspired swatchtastic journey featuring 10 #NoFilter Lip Caramel liquid lipsticks.

100% pure

Ganache • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

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