Swatches! Lip Caramel liquid lipstick + 100% Pure

Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick} by +100% Pure

Introducing Lip Caramel, an all-new vegan liquid lipstick by 100% PURE®. Lightweight and ultra moisturizing, Lip Caramels are formulated with achiote seeds from the lipstick tree which stain your lip skin making this collection the perfect base to the all-new 100% PURE® Gemmed glosses.

Thin with lots of slip, Lip Caramels are offered in a dip tube with a tear drop shaped applicator and an amazing, all-natural vanilla caramel flavour. Join me on a sweet, +Sees Candies inspired swatchtastic journey featuring 10 #NoFilter Lip Caramel liquid lipsticks.

100% pure

Ganache • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Rum Nougat •Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Melon Drop • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Truffle 🍫 The best selling Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Butterchew • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Sorbetto • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Cherry Cordial • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Scotch Kiss • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Red Velvet • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Plum Wine • Lip Caramel {liquid lipstick}

Above is the stained result of Plum Wine blotted off of my lips. While I LOVE this hue, the formula is too thin and too sheer for my taste, and the lack of opacity makes Plum Wine look splotchy on my lips. Please note, this is after I swatched all 10 Lip Caramels, so my lips might be more plummy then yours.

Have you had a chance to try
Lip Caramels for yourself? Which did you think of the formula? Did you have bleeding  feathering, too? Which hue is your favourite? xoxo •Nancy-Lee xoxo


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