Gemmed, 100% PURE Gemstone Lipgloss Swatches

NEW! From the fruit pigmented innovators +100% Pure,
Gemmed, a lip gloss collection made of semi-precious gemstones:
Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Moonstone, Sunstone and Australian Opal.

Join me on a swatchtastic journey, below, as I show off all 8 semiprecious shades. Please click on an image to enlarge for detail. These are #NoFilter pictures, and have a slight blue tint, as I have a high red spectrum in my office from the sun's light.


Rose Quartz

Vegan!Can I get a holla for vegan, all-natural options?! The hues stay true the entire time they are on my lips :: I have NEVER experienced colour oxidation from any of 100% PURE's lip products. Plus, Gemmed glosses do not bleed or feather off of my lips.

Peacock Ore


Formulated with fruit pigments from pomegranates, blackberries and peaches, Gemmed glosses offer anti-aging properties because the fruit's nutrition is locked into the powders during the freeze dry process. Not only are you receiving colour from plant based sources, you are receiving their benefits, too.


Rainbow Aura

These lip glosses are vibrant in their tubes, yet quite sheer on my lips, making it hard to distinguish one shade from the next. Out of the tube Gemmed glosses are much thicker than 100% PURE's Juicy Lip Gloss collection, but they quickly warm, thinning the formula for easy slip without bleeding or feathering.



Have you experienced Gemmed glosses by 100% PURE?
Which hue is your go-to?
What did you think about the green apple flavour?
xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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