All Over Glow : Vegan Sun Kisses by 100% PURE

lightly kissed and deeply kissed vegan bronzerThe real question is do you prefer to be Deeply Kissed or Lightly Kissed?! I was a bit intimidated when I first came across All Over Glow by +100% PureI was having visions of becoming a Midas Meme. Fortunately, this was and is not the case!

I find All Over Glow to give a natural, shimmering sheen which is easy to blend and quick to sheer, plus I love the versatility of the vegan formulation. Apply alone or mix this luminous creme with foundation or body cream for the ultimate head to toe sun kissed glow.

All Over Glow is odorless and does not stain skin, rinsing off completely with soap and water. Clothing, I have no experience with transfer and potential staining, as I wear this on body skin that does not come in contact with other fabric.

100 Percent Pure

#NoFilter taken in natural light.
Lightly Kissed • Bottom : Deeply Kissed
For reference, my body skin is Golden Peach, and I wear Deeply Kissed. The glass vessel is easy to hold and pump with one hand. It's not uncommon for the formula to stiffen when it's cold, showing you a grainy appearance : as soon as All Over Glow warms, it returns to a smooth consistency.

Have you experienced All Over Glow for yourself? Tell me your thoughts and PUREfect hue. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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