Posey, a vegan Pot Rouge by 100% PURE

Posey. My personal favourite Pot Rouge by +100% Pure .

This vibrant pink only looks intimidating. Pot Rouge applies sheer + the buildable coverage gives you control of colour. Worn alone or as a base to your favourite 100% PURE pressed Powder Blush, Posey provides a pop of pink in an all-natural, plant based vegan formula.

While the blush is TDF, the glass vessel is a total PITA :: The jar is small, on purpose, to prevent the product from dehydration + dry-out, making it tricky to reach Posey properly. Solution? 100% PURE's Base Brush applicator :: I simply swivel it in the jar, apply Posey to my cheeks, and blend with my finger tips. PUREfecto!

Pot Rouge has a silky, almost powder feel while your blending. It's very luxurious, no waxy or heavy. The fruit formula keeps blemishes at bay, too. Pot Rouge has never caused or irritated my blemishes, and the creamy finish does not cling to dry skin patches or move from my oily cheeks. Pot Rouge in Posey is a Summer must-have, I LOVE how long it makes my powder blusher (I wear Peppermint Candy) last :: All day!

Do you Pot Rouge, too? Which is your go to hue? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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