A Sephora 40th Birthday Party Haul

I took a look at my collection of eyeliners and was completely uninspired. I had 4 black pencils, 2 brown pencils, 1 brownish-green and 1 silver retractable, and a liquid liner in purple.The only thing worth mentioning was my +Lime Crime liner in Milk. It's so awesome, I wear it alone.

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I decided to treat myself to some new pretty things for my 40th birthday. On +Sephora's Sale page I found +thekatvond Autograph Pencil. For only $10, I grabbed Eyegasm, an iridescent mint green, and D.R.A., an electric blue shimmer. They are both creamy making for a smooth application and the rich colour pay off is tube true; These liners are not bashful! Marketed as 'waterproof' they lock down tight even on my oily eyelids providing all day, non-transferring wear. Note: They are not a full size product, so $10 is a fair price. I love them and I will most likely add a purple, too!

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I went to my cart and there were 2 add-on promos, one of them being the +NARS Cosmetics Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. Retailing for $25, 2 hues were specially priced at $10, each. I bought both shades. Naturally.

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Celebrate, described as a parrot green, it sets to a semi-matte finish. I am interested to see the looks that I can created with this muted chartreuse as I have a heavy olive undertone for a pale girl.

In love with all things shiny, Corcovado, aptly described as 24-karat gold, leaves a gilded finish. I love jumbo pencils, they make a quick application through larger surface area of coverage and the formula is creamy in texture, never tugging at delicate eyelid skin.

Stay tuned to my Instagram account for a St Patrick's Day eye using these 2 hues!

Since it was my birthday, I was able to select the +NARS Cosmetics Beauty Insider Duo of Rikugien (satin finish) and Cruela  (velvet matte) deluxe Lip Pencil samples. (They are a little less than 1/2 the weight as the full size eye pencils, above.)

Like I am going to say no to free lip products! Happy Birthday, me!!

And you know my feeling about paying for shipping fees.... I was only $10 away and why spend $6 on shipping when I can spend $10 on product and have something to show for it? That's what I thought, too.

It didn't take long to spot the +OCCMakeup After Dark quad. This is a set of 4 minis + brush featuring Hedonist, an intense pastel pink, New Wave, glassy neon pink, Jealous , red-orange shellac and Little Black Dress, a sheer, wearable black. 100% vegan and completely cruelty free, this is my FIRST product from OCC!I can't wait to share the swatches with you!

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I haven't made a haul this big since +PHAMExpo, 2014! I love everything and I thank you for joining me! It's crazy to think I was able to grab everything in the top image for only $50!! What was you latest haul from +Sephora? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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