Highlights + Contours by Make Up For Ever.

It's no secret that I'm not one for liquid foundation, much preferring powder on my oily skin, so imagine my delight when I was treated to a full size pressed powder Sculpting Kit by +MAKE UP FOR EVER OFFICIAL. This duo, along with highlighting brush #150 and a fabulous clear poly tote, was the gift at +Westfield Valley Fair's Makeup Mastery Instagram party. I added brush #408 to complete the set, giving me a specific brush for contouring, too. These brushes pick up and deposit sculpting powders with precisely where you intended for them to go. Plus they are incredibly soft, they feel very similar to my TooFaced Teddy Bear brushes.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

I feel like highlighting and contouring became more mainstream after pictures of +Kim Kardashian and her MUA sculpting her features surfaced on her Instagram page. Suddenly it wasn't so foreign, everyone was purchasing Ben Nye's Banana Powder and tutorials were popping up all over youtube on how to achieve her look. While I am not here to teach you how to apply sculpting products, I am going to tell you that it is so easy I have incorporated it into my everyday makeup look. It's no different than adding blush. This one little palette makes everything else look better because of the implied presence of depth in my facial features.  

Show Off - a Llarowe Nail Polish Swach

Click image to enlarge for detail.
This is the Fall in a bottle looks like. Show Off features a bronze to burgundy to gold multi chrome finish with a touch of holo added for sparkle. I applied 3 coats for full opacity and then locked it down with a high shine top coat. This lacquer reminds me of a 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra with Mystic paint; Complex and delicious. While the hue it self is mesmerizing, it's really the halo glitter that makes Show Off by Llarowe extra special. It an added and completely unexpected depth. 

It dried quickly, leveled evenly. There are some mild brush strokes but it looks like that was the intention of this nail polish. I am in love and highly recommend you grab a few of these indie lacquers which retail for only $12 each 12ml bottle. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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