Creating my Finishing Closet, a Home Depot DIY.

We have a 'coat closet' on the first floor. The space is long, extending under the stairwell to the far wall of the house. And over the past 5 years it has become a catch all for those thing we wish not to see. I couldn't take the lack of organization any longer. My heart raced every time I would open that door and not in a good way. I knew I could do so much better, I could turn it into a workable 'finishing closet'; A place for shoes, coats and necklaces. Accessories I hardly wear because they are tucked away somewhere dark or hard to access.

Before paint, original light.

SquareHue through Beverly Hills 9021-Ohhh

I am quickly discovering a pattern with my +SquareHue polishes. Each month is my new favourite! August takes us to Beverly Hills. Wilshire Boulevard, Canon Drive, and Rodeo Drive to be specific.

This 90210 collection looks rich. With micro shimmer formulas that look frosty in the bottle yet dry to a chrome finish to a glitter that makes my tips look dipped in a golden pewter hue that could only be found in southern California.

Square Hue nailpolish swatches purple, blue and gold.

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