The Perfect Naked Pink, 100% Pure Creamstick.

100% natural. 100% Vegetarian. 100% Gluten Free. 100% Pure.

No filter.
Were you lucky enough to get one of +100% Pure Gift with Purchase bags from their We Love Our Customers campaign? If you subscribe to my Youtube channel you would have seem my video featuring 
Perfect Naked Pink Creamstick. This Fruit Pigmented (not fruit scented) lip crayon has a very smooth application. The pencil is very creamy, never waxy or sticky feeling, It doesn't take much to reach a desired level of opacity, ensuring the product will last and the comfortable rounded point creates an easy to fill in lip line. It was fairly long lasting and stayed tube-true, never shifting shades or feathering off of my lips. Perfect Naked Pink Creamstick has changed my opinion of 'jumbo crayon' style lipsticks and I look forward to trying the other two shades. Did you acquire the #GWP or have you tried the Creamstick collection on it's own? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Anthurium, Maleficent MAC Collection

Anthurium Maleficent lip gloss

The first thing I'll tell you is, start with a lip liner. This formula is unforgiving to any type of lip wrinkle; whether brought on by age, sun damage, or even cigarette smoking. +MAC Cosmetics Lipglass skips over wrinkles making them very pronounced, especially when using something as dark and shiny as Anthurium Maleficent lip gloss.

Maleficent MAC makeup

Strawberries + Cream, a LUSH -ous experience.

Blended with real, organic bananas for moisture, vanilla pods and vanilla extract to combat redness, lemon oil to brighten, and sandalwood to tone, Sympathy for the Skin is a very mellow and creamy hand and body lotion. Don't worry this isn't a fruit salad, it is very mild in scent. I detect more vanilla bean than banana. The custard consistency is creamier than Dream Cream yet it sinks in just as quickly. I love how it makes my shoulders and arms feel, highly moisturizing yet never greasy.

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