Trust Fund Thursday....

...Or as we call it, Friday eve.

Trust Fund Beauty’s attitude towards life and fashion is that you should be unapologetically fabulous and that its ok to be edgy and have a sense of humor.

The best part about this 5-Free lacquer Brand? You don't need a trust fund (or a sugar daddy) to buy this luxurious collection. Retailing for $15 each, these bottles of beauty are Made in the USA.

Wearing Denim with Diamonds is your idea of casual

This shimmery deep blue is divine. To be honest I had a lot of trouble controlling the amount of lacquer the wand on Denim With Diamonds collected: no matter how much polish I would scrape off of the brush back into the bottle, I would inevitably have a big blob run down and deposit itself on the nail I was painting. The excess of lacquer would spread off of my nail onto my skin. It wasn't until I swatch Spoiled did I realize that Denim With Diamonds is a much thinner polish, this is why it tended to be more drippy. It took three different applications for me to learn how to control the thinner formula. I used three coats for full opacity. It is truly an electrifying shade of blue.

Outside, bright sunlight.
If getting everything you want, when you want it, is wrong, then being right is so not your thing.

Inside, natural light.
Described as a shimmer peachy pink, Spoiled is the perfect bridal shade, it's sheer enough that it doesn't look like you dip your fingers and cotton candy and it's sparkly enough that people want to look at your nails. I really like this lacquer because it will serve double duty: Try it as an overcoat to give something that does not have sparkle a little shimmer. I applied 3 coats for moderate opacity.

I'm addicted. I think I am going to sign up for their monthly subscription service. I like that I can choose 1 bottle myself! Have you experienced Trust Fund Beauty? Make sure you're following them on Instagram. I love their cheeky posts! xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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