Foot Therapy ; an Exfoliation Experience by Skinall

From +Cosmoprof North America comes KocoStar/Skinall, a Brand whose product line is centered around the benefits of paper masks, expanding to the market with Nail tip Therapy, Hair Therapy, and of course, Foot Therapy. This is the first in a trio that I am putting to the test. I open the package and discover a sealed, plastic, butterfly-shaped bag... it takes me a while to realize I need to cut the seam so I can separate the halves and put my feet in the wings, which are really booties.

You leave the booties on for 90 minutes and quickly I discover that you can not go about your business, the simplest of tasks could cause you to slip and break something. I put on a pair of Danny's socks so I had a bit of traction. After 40 minutes I started to feel a slight cooling sensation which lasted off and on for 4 days then my feet began to peel. And do I mean peel. I shed the entire top layer of skin on my feet. It was messy. It was interesting and in the end my feet were super soft but... I felt they were more susceptible to blisters because that protective layer of dead skin has been exfoliated away.

I never felt pain and the peeling lasted for 5 days, so socks and moisturizer were a must! I did NOT buff my peeling feet, I let the process do it's thing. Paraben free and hypoallergenic, they are recommended as a monthly treatment. I am looking forward to my second go around - it's been 4 weeks - my heels are quite rough. Have you experienced an exfoliation treatment that sheds the entire layer of skin off of your feet? Which brand have you used and what were your results? xoxo Nancy-Lee


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