SquareHue through Beverly Hills 9021-Ohhh

I am quickly discovering a pattern with my +SquareHue polishes. Each month is my new favourite! August takes us to Beverly Hills. Wilshire Boulevard, Canon Drive, and Rodeo Drive to be specific.

This 90210 collection looks rich. With micro shimmer formulas that look frosty in the bottle yet dry to a chrome finish to a glitter that makes my tips look dipped in a golden pewter hue that could only be found in southern California.

Square Hue nailpolish swatches purple, blue and gold.

Addicted to the ease of +NailVinyls I went to her Instagram for inspiration and low and behold I found a pic using the lightning bolt vinyls that I LOVED! Knowing I had 1 sheet from my press pack, I set out to use all three of August's Passport Collection. "5 Free" I present Rodeo Drive on my pinkie, middle, index and thumb with Canon Drive seeing the sites solo on my ring finger. Once these 2 shades and their 2 coats, dried completely, I added 2 lightning bolts over my middle and index fingers, and topped my nails with 1 coat of Wilshire Boulevard. Following the directions, I removed the NailVinyls immediately and once Wilshire Boulevard was dry, I sealed the look with 1 coat of Glisten & Glow's Shiny Top Coat.

This is one of my favourite looks, ever. These shades of lacquer are amazing. They went on easily, a little thicker but that's how I like it. They leveled out evenly and dried quickly with out bubbles. The Vinyls are super easy to use and only lifted a tiny corner of my lacquer upon removal because I was rough. So much fun!! 

Are you a subscriber of SquareHue? The only way to get their amazing nail polish is subscribing to their monthly trios. $19.99 includes shipping and these bottles are huge! .5floz each! xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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