PHAMExpo 2014 Beauty Haul.

I love +PHAMExpo, this is their second year in Pasadena as the Summer bridge for makeup shows and I have to admit, it is my favourite by far. I didn't even go to iMats or The Makeup Show this year because I was saving my sanity for PHAME.

My weekend started in Old Town, I found myself hopping in an Uber and venturing into +Madewell for 2 awesome treasures: An iPhone battery backup and a set of metal bobby pins. The deal of the day was the charger; Gingham in colour, it retailed for $39.40, was clearance for $29.99 but it was incorrectly marked to $4.99. score! The bobbies were full price at $10.50.

Since I drove to Pasadena, I knew I could buy a few special treasures at the +Goorin Bros. hat shop. I grabbed a new hat for myself, a future gift and a hot box for Franci. She too has an impressive hat collection and needs to protect her pieces from fading and dirt. I also grabbed this awesomesauce Brooklyn hat pin for one of my older Goorin fedoras.

If you recall, I created a shopping list here and came pretty close to fulfilling it, only hindered by product not sold at this show. So how did I do?

•Star Powder, Diamond Collection
•Pan Stick Foundation for highlight and contouring
Unfortunately, they did not have the Star Powder or Individual stick foundations available at this show. The selection was VERY limited.

•Rose Powder, for pale skin.
I didn't even try to look for this. It was at the same booth as the MUFE and Beauty Blender products but that space (all 3 areas) gets insane. I made the decision to buy the Rose powder at MUFE in Valley Fair with the other products I was after.

•sur.face™ pro
HOLLA! I am SOOOO in love with this palette.
I haven't even used it yet but I see how amazing it is and is going to be. The power of sponsored posts: I only knew about this palette because of +Maria Rosaria of Venus Loves Virgo. After taking the Highlight and Contour class by Tobey at MUFE, +Westfield Valley Fair, I wanted to purchase the foundation sticks, mentioned above, and knew this palette would be perfect for blending and storing custom creations. I can't wait to get it all going!
Using the silicone spatula, you blend products inside the wells, and then you can transfer onto the the flat disk for double-dipping. The entire pallet locks tight so additional product in the wells does not dry out. It might be difficult to see in the image, but there is a piece of plastic numbered 1-6; you can write on that with a dry-erase pen so you know which products are inside which wells.

•5-Piece Pro Essential Teddy Bear Hair Bush Set
Too Faced
Brushes were not available for sale.

•16oz Brush Cleaner
Here's why I didn't get a refill of Parian Spirit, my favourite brush cleaner: The person with the credit card reader left their sales booth putting the sales staff in the position of telling clients to come back 'in 10 or 15 minutes'. I was a few aisles away in 10 or 15 minutes and wasn't backtracking. I made an alternate purchase, listed below.

This was the second booth I hit, the first where I had to wait in queue. Super organized, there was 30 people ahead of me and I zipped through that line fast, maybe 30 minutes wait. Time passes quickly; your chatting with friends or other attendees - or you're on Twitter/Instagram....
I only came for an eyeliner and something for Franci, but I also left with:
•Eyeshadow Helper
•Blue Milk eyeliner

I went for 2 of every Body Truffle.
If you've tried this line, you know.
If you haven't... what are you waiting for?
These are the most amazing body scrubs on the planet.

I came for lemon and I grabbed Grapefruit. Same difference.
Made from Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, glycerine, tea tree oil and grapefruit essential oil, this is going to be the ultimate brush shampoo.

Pan Shadows
I was already gluttonous by the time I got to this booth so I made the decision to not purchase shadows at this time.

•Dipbrow Pomade
And the brush. You have to have the brush!
I had my brows tattooed in 2010 and they are fading and in need of fresh ink. In the mean time, I can extend the time but I knew I needed a better-than-good brow product, so I chose the one that everyone raves about, Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown. I grabbed a set for Franci too. This creamy, smudge-proof formula is cruelty free.

•Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask
Good thing I have a back-up box... They we're out of stock.

So. What else made it in to my trolly?
You did see the trolly, right? It was the talk of the show!!

A few days before PHAMExpo, I came across a tweet inviting people to follow the +Tat2U Makeup Instagram account, repost an image and make it to their booth EARLY for a limited edition, limited quantity prezzie.... You know me. I love prezzies. I had no idea what I was in for or if I would be lucky enough to receive a gift. Well, I was:

How amazing is this gift?!!
All full size, I was treated to an eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, tattoo stencil and body art pen! This prezzie was worth more than $100!
Stay tuned for swatches!  

I swung by the Embryolisse / Purely Cosmetics booth to say Hi to Robyn and was informed I NEEDED the Secret de Maquilleurs, a cooling eye stick. It is divine! Super cooling and ultra refreshing. This will rid puffiness and brighten the eye area without disturbing my makeup.

Then Elissa at BonBliss told me I HAD to meet this new brand, Static Nails, the first reusable, paintable nail falsies. So gorgeous, I bought 5 pair and give one to Franci of The Fashion Palate. Here are the 4 I kept:

Lastly, I needed a new iPhone lanyard. I specifically purchased this +Juicy Couture case because it has a hole for a charm, which I can convert to push the lanyard through. I love the one I purchased from PurseBuzz but all of the stones have started falling off. Glad I chose black because it is less noticeable.

Were you there? What did you buy, Kitten?


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