Feel the Vegas Heat with Jaded Nail Co.

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One of the amazing activities I was able to participate in while attending Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas, was an indie nail polish PR party. Featuring 19 brands, one of them was new-to-me Jaded Nail Co. They created an exclusive hue for this party; Vegas Heat, a divine reddish coral that turns neon pink when applied and reacts to black light as well as glows in the dark. Yes, the raver girl in me has found my soul shade. I applied 3 coats for full opactity. The next day I chose to use a +NailVinyls burst sticker to add a dash of +Girly Bits Cosmetics A Striper Has Been Sleeping In My Bed glitter lacquer to A) play with vinyls for the first time and B) spice up my look for #Electric_Summer.

I am totally in love with this lacquer. It dries to a matte finish so I topped it with 1 coat of Glisten & Glow's Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat. Which, by the way, has become my new HG top coat. It is bombdotcom. Easy to apply, levels perfectly, does not thicken by nail 6 making the rest of your mani a mess, stays colour true, has not cracked or crazed and one day 2 it is still chipless. I rate Vegas Heat a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I will, without a doubt, be adding more shades to my collection from this amazing indie nail polish brand.

Have you experienced Jaded Nail Company, Kitten? xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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