Rainforest At Dawn. Vegan Body Care by Teadora.


Drench Yourself in Sensory Beauty
with these Rainforest Remedies.

In Portuguese, Teadora means Adore You and they show their love through decadent fragrances and textures designed to immerse your senses in rainforest moments. Made in the USA and 100% vegan, these cruelty free luxury body care products are also free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicon, gluten and phalates.

Today I present Rainforest At Dawn, a vibrant and lively blended woodsy floral. This is a mellow yet apparent scent which gently dissipates over time. My boyfriend likes it too, so it's safe to say this is a unisex collection.

The collections consist of 10 products, 4 of which I will talk about today.

This body cleanser is thin with a very low lather. The scent is nice and soft, it is not overpowering but completely detectable.  I pump an average amount on my washcloth and quickly realize I should have used a loofa; I feel like the cleanser is 'lost' in the looms of cotton. I clean up in a snap without my skin feeling stripped of moisture; Nourishing Body Cleanser rinses completely leaving my skin comfortable and film-free. Used alone, it does not interfere with the notes of my perfume. 12oz, $30.00.

Micro-gritty and environmental friendly. The way a scrub should be. This non-lathering polish removes dead skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs with a blend of pumice, Rose Hip Seed oil and Amazonian Clay. Nourishing Body Polish brightens and exfoliates naturally, preparing skin for Nourishing Body Cream or Nourishing Bath & Body Oil. This is a dreamy product to use before your self-tanner. My skin is left a comfortable 'squeaky clean'. 6oz, $40.00.

Thin like a lotion with the rich results of a cream, this oil based hydrator soaks into parched body skin. Non-greasy and never waxy, Nourishing Body Cream is the perfect compliment to the Nourishing Body Cleanser. Formulated with Acai, Babassu oil and Plant Stem Cells for healthier, younger-looking skin. I find the pump dispenses a near-perfect amount: 1 pump for each arm and 2 pumps for each leg. It's sexy. 8oz, $35.00.

It's not hard to guess this is my favourite product. I love body oils and this one has a dual purpose; You can use it as a bath/soaking oil or as a moisturizer/massage oil. Personally, I use it as a moisturizing oil for my dry body skin. It hydrates deeply and leaves a bit of product on the surface to allow the fingers of your masseuse to glide across without pulling. With a moderate weight, you do not need a lot of Nourishing Bath & Body Oil to achieve a comfortable level of moisturization, I find 5 drop per arm and 10 drops per leg is perfect. Any more than that and I am changing from hydration to massage as my skin can not absorb all of the product at once. My tattoos come back to life once hydrated with this oil. 8oz, $40.00.

Interested in trying this collection yourself?
Check out their travel sizes, as seen below, for a commitment-friendly trial here.

Join +Franci of The Fashion Palate as she reviews the Rainforest At Dusk collection.

Listen to the rain on the canopy of leaves overhead. Sure the call of exotic birds. Snow the lush exotic flowers. Feel the dark for tile soil under your toes. When you walk in the rain forests of Brazil, your senses come alive like never before. We've taken wrong natural ingredients for knees rain forests, harvested in a sustainable way, and created products to treat your body and feed your senses like no other. Get clean the way mother Earth intended.

Your purchase rains down the good.
Part of the profits fund a philanthropist exchange between the US and Brazil to support education, leadership development, health and rainforest conservation.

Have you heard of Teadora? Are you looking for vegan beauty and body care? What products have you been using? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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